LED Tri-proof Light
LED Tri-Proof means water-proof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof. And this can be achieved by anti-oxidation and anticorrosion materials and the silicon seals. The double insulation of the connector clip makes sure the safety of the circuit. The silicon seals eliminate the dust and water entry.

Our LED Tri-Proof light is fully certified, and they are ideal replacements for standard high wattage and inefficient fluorescent tubes. These LED Tri-Proof lights are certified and use the highest quality components available to deliver a long-lasting and environmentally friendly LED light source. A2001 LED Tri-Proof Lights are simple structured and elegant designed, using aluminum profiles to reduce weight. Two sets of installation provide customer convenience, improve light utilization. Get all customers’ recognition and acceptance with its functional features.

Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED Tri-Proof Lighting is a reliable, money-saving alternative to the HID luminaries traditionally used in warehouses, parking garages, stadiums, factories, supermarkets, libraries, gyms, airports, hotels, railway station lighting, tunnel lighting, parking lighting, Clean room lighting and other spaces with higher ceilings.